New alternatives for Chimalhuacán youth who neither study nor work

In 2013 ACJU Callejero, our street outreach initiative, launched our first Vocational Training Center offering four-month long courses in electrical installation and hairstyling. These courses are certified by the Industrial Employment Training Center (CECATI) which is accredited by the Secretary of Public Education (SEP). Picture3We held two course cycles during the year, helping 50 youth graduate and receive their federally recognized certificate. Participating youth also attended character development workshops and participated for two days in a community service campaign.

ACJU Callejero also dealt with the topic of human trafficking in 2013.

Trafficking has become a severe problem in the Chimalhuacán municipality, affecting youth of both genders. That is why ACJU held a youth camp, in collaboration with the U.S.-based organization iEmpathize, entitled “We Are One.” 111 youth participated in this 3 day event and, through role-plays, workshops and group activities, learned about the importance of having respect for life and received training as Anti-Trafficking Community Promoters. DSC00488


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