Partnerships with public health authorities increase health access for slum dwellers

ProSalud began working in San José Palmas in 2013 by holding community meetings aimed at forming Family Health Clubs. After a little over a year of working in the Palmas community, ProSalud currently has five functioning Family Clubs in this area, impacting approximately 500 people from 125 families.  Each Family Club has a Community Health Promoter who is receiving ongoing training from project staff on health-related issues.  In addition, due to our collaborative relationships with public health service providers, more than 1,200 individuals received medical and dental services during three medical campaigns and 218 people were referred to low-cost dental services, counseling and speech therapy.

First Municipal Parasite Treatment Campaign- We are thankful for the unconditional support of Transformación Urbana Internacional

In 2013, ProSalud was also invited to attend a municipal health committee meeting in Los Reyes La Paz. At that meeting the health authorities revealed that parasite infestation was the second most important health problem in the municipality. As a result, ProSalud began a massive anti-parasite campaign, holding workshops and distributing parasite treatment medication in collaboration with the municipal health authorities. All told, 35,000 people received treatment for parasites. An impact study which was reviewed and approved by Dr. Victor Santoyo Alvarez, epidemiologist and regional director of majority of the Los Reyes La Paz municipal health clinics, found that 82% of the people surveyed reported less stomach problems after receiving treatment.


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