ACJU Deportivo youth make new choices on and off the field

ACJU Deportivo has been working with youth in Chimalhuacán as they attend practices at our soccer school and play against other teams. Not only have their technical skills improved, but they have gained more confidence and tactical abilities as a team. Even more importantly, these youth have shown an increased attitude of respect and teamwork towards each other. They have begun to watch their language and control their impulses more during the games. The one-on-one mentoring process has given the youth greater confidence in the team and in their own abilities, which has allowed them to compete against stronger teams more enthusiastically and without feeling so intimidated.

One of the youth who has been receiving one-on-one mentoring is Rolando, a young leader who has shown a desire to serve others. Thanks to his participation on the team, the friendships he has developed and the introspection he has gained through mentoring, Roland has become excited about the idea of going back to high school. He dropped out of school partially due to economic concerns, but also in large part because he had become involved in circles where there was a lot of drugs and alcohol. Now Rolando wants to work for a few months over the summer in order to save up enough money to be able to go back to school in the fall.