About ConeXión Mosaico

Conexión Mosaico (the Mosaic Connection) is a non-profit umbrella organization that works towards the holistic transformation of urban slums by equipping the urban poor to become change agents in their own communities. Our overarching goal is to develop a change model that reduces poverty, violence and corruption, and that leads to communities where God’s Kingdom of Shalom becomes more visible. We’re about being the change we wish to see in the world, about being light and participating with the poor and rich to bring hope and justice to our cities! Just like Jesus called us to!

Our dream is to see urban communities where men and women take responsibility to care for their families, where community members are respected and can live healthy and dignified lives, where children can safely play in the streets, where young people have opportunities to realize their potential, and where leaders advance the wellbeing of all by exercising a leadership marked by vision, integrity and effectiveness. We dream of urban communities where growing numbers of vibrant churches and civic groups work alongside established Non-Governmental Organizations, businesses and government agencies in the holistic transformation of their communities.

At Conexión Mosaico, we believe that overcoming poverty is not a one-way street. In fact, the people with whom we work have much to contribute to their own development and therefore need to be encouraged and empowered to take responsibility for the future of their communities. Conexión Mosaico therefore exists to facilitate the development, implementation and transmission of a reproducible model for the holistic transformation of urban poor communities, equipping people to become agents of change and dedicated partners in building healthier cities.


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