GruposVida is an initiative to help hurting people get in touch with the emotional and psycho-spiritual dimensions of their lives within the safe environment. The poverty and violence so common in urban slums often help to create a culture of apathy, hopelessness and resignation. Barely being able to make ends meet and a lack of appropriate local resources mean that many slum dwellers who suffer from psychological and emotional wounds have few options when it comes to seeking healing. These self-help, emotional recovery and support groups are guided by trained facilitators and allow people to deal with trauma and pain in their lives in a healthy way.

???????????????????????????????Creating spaces to allow people to talk about their painful experiences is crucial to overcome apathy and isolation. Helping people interested in improving the state of their personal health share their personal history is a critical step towards emotional recovery. Arts processes, emotional recovery and support groups, and inner healing prayer are great assets to deepen this journey of self-discovery and healing.


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