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“Come and See” vision weekend coming up soon!

ConeXión Mosáico invites you to be a part of our upcoming “Come and See” vision weekend, November 21st through 23rd! This  encounter weekend will give you an opportunity to deepen your understanding of our work among the urban poor, as well as the situation of urban slum dwellers in general.

The trip will allow you to put faces on poverty statistics, as you personally meet with local leaders and get to know people who are fighting to bring about change. What’s more  we pray that, as you get to see our work up close for yourself, you become inspired that not all is hopeless and that real change is possible.

What can you expect from your visit?

  • IMG_3433Learn–  You will have the opportunity to learn about our unique methodology that focuses on empowerment and local leadership development.
  • See– You will have the opportunity to walk the streets in the community, seeing the reality of urban slums firsthand and meeting community members.
  • Reflect–  You will learn how Conexión Mosaico seeks to  address the challenge of poverty and urban slums from a biblical perspective.
  • Plan–  You will be able to brainstorm with our ministry team some exciting ways that you and/ or your church could potentially partner with us.

Your trip will have you arriving on Friday, Nov. 21, before 4:00pm, and departing on Sunday, Nov. 23, after 1:00pm.  To find out more information, including trip pricing and lodging details, you can contact us at

We are excited to meet you and look forward to seeing you here!