Partnerships of Hope

Over the years we continue to bear witness to how God brings together a diverse array of individuals, organizations and strategic partners to come alongside our organization and the communities where we work. This creates a brilliant mosaic of skills, talents, stories and commitment; each one adding another important piece. A crucial part of our work involves international partners and volunteers, who give of their own time and talents to help us realize our vision. One group who has decided to be part of the mosaic is Homes of Living Hope, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization based out of Louisville, Colorado. Homes of Living Hope provides the framework for converting used shipping containers into functioning facilities which are then shipped to under-resourced communities around the world. The organization partners with volunteer groups throughout the U.S., which are in charge of locally retrofitting the containers before they are shipped to international partnering organizations.

HG0C2223As ConeXión Mosaico and Homes of Living Hope were discussing how we might partner together, we looked to the communities where we are working for direction. According to a municipal health department study, over 48% of the population In Los Reyes La Paz does not have access to medical care. In fact, as a result of our organizing work to date, citizen committee members in San José Palmas had already identified an urgent need to create more accessibility to health services in their community. Therefore, having our container outfitted to serve as a medical and dental clinic was the perfect solution.

10325800_10152123209312335_8563225531624318954_nThis 8’x8’x40’ shipping container is being designed and remodeled by students from Monarch High School, also out of Louisville. The Architecture and Industrial Design class, the Robotics Club, Student Council and the Art Club are all involved in the project. “This is a fantastic opportunity for my students,” said David Clark, design and engineering teacher at Monarch High School. “This is a real-world project for them. They take what they learn in the classroom, apply it, and know it will actually impact someone’s life.”

Students from Clark’s Architecture and Industrial Design class used architectural design software to configure the container’s interior. The space is being divided into separate areas for a medical examination room, dental office, clinic office and pharmacy. ceilingDonated solar panels will help make the facility energy self-sufficient. Students, faculty and adult volunteers are working together to finish the interior of the clinic, while the exterior was painted by the school’s Art Club members. Project construction should be finished by the end of the school year, but Monarch High School will also be collecting donations over the summer. Before shipping, the container will be loaded with donated medical and dental equipment and supplies which will help outfit the new clinic and get it operational.

In order to address staffing once the clinic arrives, ConeXión Mosaico has entered into an agreement with the National Autonomous University of Mexico. IMG_0504The university has agreed to send medical and dental students, who have finished their studies but must complete a mandatory period of social service before they can practice, to see patients at the clinic. Having new graduates see patients two to three times per week during their practicums allows us to leverage local resources in a way that will help sustain the clinic’s operation long-term.

In God’s perfect timing, ConeXión Mosaico received a donated parcel of land in San José Palmas earlier this year. This land will provide the space to situate the new clinic, as well as a multi-purpose community center ConeXión Mosaico will build this year to house a number of additional community-driven initiatives. exc2The container is scheduled to arrive in San José Palmas in the fall, where a team of partners from HoLH, Monarch High and the robotics team ‘Panteras’ from the Universidad Panamericana Preparatoria in Mexico City will help place it on-site. This story is a small example of how different people from various places are becoming part of Mosaico. They have responded to the calling to be part of the mosaic, using their time, talents, skills and unique giftings to make an impact.



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