Mosaic partner profile- Cambridge Community Fellowship Church

During the week of July 20-27, we have a second small group of 5 people coming down from the Cambridge Community Fellowship Church in Cambridge, MA. This team will be joining the Flatirons team, which will be helpful to us as we stage summer programming simultaneously in multiple neighborhoods this year. The group ranges in age from 25-28 years old and is made up of a nonprofit administrator, social worker, international development consultant, educational nonprofit worker, and a business communications/ strategy analyst. Each of them has an interest and passion for seeing God use their vocational skills to further His Kingdom around the world.

When asked why they enjoy these kinds of service trips, the team responded that Cambridge Community Fellowship is a church that seeks God’s transforming power for its own neighborhood. Therefore, as they engage with the community during their visit, the team is hoping to learn from ConeXión Mosaico’s model and see how they can apply that perspective in their own local context. They feel that they have so much to learn from the people they will meet, even more than they have to give. Cambridge Community Fellowship has already started to engage their community but now is seeking to learn how they can apply a holistic model where the church can play an active role in community transformation.

This team would request that you pray for all of their logistics to come together and the funds for the trip. Additionally, each of the 5 who are coming on the trip are trying to discern if God may be calling them to this type of work in the long term and, if so, in what form. They are hoping to really press into those questions on this trip and listen for God’s direction, so please pray that they would be attentive to His voice.


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