Mosaic partner profile- Flatirons Community Church

The Flatirons Community Church, from Lafayette, CO, will be sending down two large teams this year, much larger than they have ever assembled before! The first group of 22 will arrive on July 20th and most of them will leave on the 27th, while the majority of the second group will arrive on July 26th and stay until August 2nd. Five members of the first team will stay the entire time, making a total of 21 people on the team who will be with us for the second week. It is a very diverse team, comprised of a teacher, doctor, electrician, real estate agent, civil engineer, student and housewife, among others.

This will be Flatirons’ 4th year partnering with our summer program, although they have been sending construction teams to work with us for five years. The age range of this year’s team is also more mature than in prior years, ranging from 28 to 60 years old. Team leader and organizer Mary Loretta, who was a ConeXión Mosaico staff member herself for almost a year, says that Flatirons enjoys doing these types of trips “because we not only believe in our values and our mission, ‘to bring the awesome life of Christ to a lost and broken world,’ we want to live them.”

The Flatirons team hopes to leave the communities they serve with a sense of their values- Biblical Authority, Relational Intimacy, Authentic Community, Gifted Service, Excellent Environments and Relational Evangelism- as lived in their actions, attitudes, speech and behavior. They would ask that you pray for them to be able to walk alongside us here ConeXion Mosaico and share Christ’s love with all that they come in contact with this summer.


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