Mosaic partner profile- Crossroads Christian Church


First up on the agenda is Crossroads Christian Church, from Brooklyn, NY. This team of 8 will kick off our summer activities beginning with their arrival on July 13th and will be working with children 5 to 10 years old in San Sebastián. The team members, who range in age from 17 years old to mid-40’s, are primarily natives of Brooklyn and represent a variety of occupations, including the financial and retail industries, teachers, a hair colorist and a dog walker.

Crossroads has been involved with ConeXión Mosaico for 8 years and previously brought down a volunteer team in 2009. Team leader and staff member Paul Curtis says, “We believe in partnering with ministries that have a holistic approach to bringing the gospel to places. We love the vision of the ministry there. There are obvious differences between NYC and Mexico City, but we also feel a sense of connection that you are in one of the great metropolitan areas of the world.”

The Crossroads team is hoping that the people they come into contact with will come away with the awareness that the same Spirit at work in them is also at work forming and redeeming brothers and sisters thousands of miles away. They would also appreciate some prayer around the issue of passports…. as three of their team members are still waiting on them!


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