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Fortaleza works to bring new educational opportunities to adults in San Sebastián

In April, Fortaleza began negotiations with the National Institute for Adult Education (INEA) to launch basic education “study circles” in different neighborhoods in San Sebastián. These classes will give people over 15 the opportunity to finish their elementary or middle school education or, in the case of those who never went to school, learn to read. Last month the project Facilitator met with teaching staff on three occasions to work out the details of the collaboration and how to recruit youth to be “local advisers.” A “local advisor” is a community member who is hired by INEA and trained to coordinate and teach the study circles. The Facilitator also went to the main INEA office at the National College of Professional Technical Education (CONALEP) to sit in on a study circle as well as a training session for newly recruited local advisers.

Fortaleza also interviewed and began the introductory servant leadership training process with Mariana, the first new INEA local adviser in San Sebastián. As a local adviser, Mariana will be in charge of the neighborhood where the Emiliano Zapata elementary school is located. So far 21 people have registered for this first study circle, with one month of registration still to go before classes begin.