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Young man with muscular dystrophy improves mobility through community exercise club

As part of a holistic health strategy, ProSalud supports the formation of women’s community exercise clubs among project participants. During 2013, one of the exercise club participants began to bring her 14 year old son, Alfredo, with her to the groups. Alfredo has muscular dystrophy as well as a cognitive disorder. Although he is receiving medical treatment, the muscular dystrophy caused his legs to progressively lose more and more of their function over time.

When he joined the group, Alfredo was unable to pick up or carry objects or even walk without assistance. However, by getting an hour of exercise three times a week, his mobility has increased significantly. Whereas before he could barely walk without help, Alfredo is now able to walk quite well and can even run a little. The strength and dexterity in his hands have improved so much that his school placed him in a vocational training course, a program he lacked the capacity to participate in before. His mother even credits the social support Alfredo receives from the ProSalud exercise club, as a key factor in helping him deal with the recent death of his father.