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New ACJU participants show dramatic growth in teamwork and problem-solving skills

In San José Palmas ACJU continues to work with all 60 students at the distance-learning middle school. Where the final year students are primarily concerned about preparing for their upcoming high school admission exams, the project has been able to focus on life skills, values and servant leadership with the first and second year classes. The fruits of this work have been most evident in the first year class. This group was very problematic in the beginning, being primarily characterized by rivalries, conflicts and aggressive personalities. At first, almost every attempt at trying to get them to work together ended in yelling, confrontations and fistfights.

However, after only 6 months, there has been a drastic change in the first year group dynamic. They are now able to work together without fighting and have even learned to listen to each other and resolve their disagreements among themselves. Thanks to this new spirit of cooperation, the first year students have now become engaged and active participants of ACJU’s leadership development process.