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Comunidades de Shalom launches a music school with 10 new students

In January, Comunidades de Shalom launched a music school for church members interested in learning to play music. There are now approximately 10 students, from children to adults, who are learning to play the guitar and the keyboards. A professional music teacher was found to teach the class who has been charging each student just $0.75 U.S. per hour. This is the first opportunity most of these students have had to obtain music lessons, which would normally be out of their reach financially.   In fact, all but two of the students had no previous musical background whatsoever.

The idea is that the weekly music school will develop the participants’ musical skills to the degree that Comunidades de Shalom will be able to form its own worship team. This will give members more opportunities for direct service, by leading music during the service as well as playing at other events. So far the group is very excited about what they have been learning. Staff has noticed that the idea of creating their own worship team appears to have increased the participants’ commitment to participating in Sunday worship. They are very enthusiastic about the idea of being able to play during services, which the first of these students will begin to do this month in April.