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Self-help groups give hurting people a place to process trauma and pain

gruposVIDA is an initiative to help hurting people deal with emotional pain and trauma in their lives by inviting them to participate in small, self-help groups. These facilitated recovery and support groups allow people to work through the emotional and psycho-spiritual pain in their lives within a safe environment. The gruposVIDA support groups utilize a carefully designed curriculum. Before new participants begin, the project coordinator conducts entry questionnaires and interviews with each person in order to learn their personal histories. This allows the coordinator to place each prospective participant in the most appropriate group. In Chimalhuacán during the past year, 18 women were regularly involved in 4 small groups.  68 children ages 6-12 with a variety of emotional issues also participated in weekly gruposVIDA encounter meetings for children.

In addition, 61 members of two local churches participated in a gruposVIDA “soul clinic,” which consistedof 12 two-hour sessions on inner healing.

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31 leaders from 5 local churches also participated in a 2-day “Train the Trainer” event designed to teach them how to facilitate their own gruposVIDA.  As a result of this training, new gruposVIDA have been launched in three of these churches.