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ACJU launches tutoring group to help students prepare for high school admission exams

Something new in ACJU this quarter is a tutoring group to help final year middle school students prepare for their high school admission test. In Mexico, the scores on this mandatory test will determine the quality of the high school students are able to attend, which in turn will have a tremendous impact on their ability to get into university. Unfortunately, students from low-income municipalities like Chimalhuacán are competing for admission to the most prestigious high schools with students from upper-income neighborhoods in Mexico City, where schools have far more resources and higher academic standards.

In February one young man from ACJU Deportivo, the sports project, came to request help preparing for his admission test. He was told to invite some friends as well and from there the group has grown to include 14 youth. Many of these youth have low levels of reading comprehension and severe gaps in their knowledge. Several did not even know what continent they lived on. However, at each tutoring session these kids learn something new they had never heard of before. Their noticeable progress has inspired them to keep on working hard in preparation for their upcoming admission exams in June.DSC02635